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Over 75 major international and local advertising awards have been won by the directors in their personal capacity.

Scharrer Advertising was the first South African agency to ever win the GRAND AWARD TROPHY at the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING FESTIVAL. This festival is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the business. Over 12 000 entries are received from around the world every year. The trophy is its most prestigious annual award, and is one of a kind. Our winning campaign was for RADIO. Client was Anglo Dutch Office Furniture.

We have also won the CREATIVITY award for EXCELLENCE IN PRINT ADVERTISING - another top international award.

Jos Scharrer, as a Copy Writer and Creative Director, has won dozens of international and local awards. She won the LOERIE GRAND PRIX twice for Best Television and Best Newspaper advertisements, numerous CLIO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS, and a CANNES AWARD for the Best Television commercial of the year in South Africa (Bayfresh from Bayer). She also won the Association of Marketers Award for Best Direct Mail in South Africa and (Hyster Fork Lift Trucks) for the Best Promotional Work (Firstcorp).

Advertising Successes

Sunday Times, SA Post Office, University of Pretoria, Traditional Beer Investments (SAB), Chappies Bubblegum, Elephant Beer, Cadbury's Sweetie Pie, Animal Anti-Cruelty League, Concor, Kgorang Investments, MegaShopper, Omnigraphics, Skynet Worldwide Express, Syspro, Accton Technology Taiwan, Your Family, Essentials, Garden & Home, Food & Wine, Country Life, Lan Design, Legal Interactive Technologies, Maven Computers, Skye Products, Sentry Security, Soda Club, Lyceum College, Success College, Glider Trailers, SA Paving, Leza Legalwise, ITC, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Frankel Pollock, Aveng, SAA City Centre, National Private Colleges, Reunert group of companies over a 7 year period until our main client Telkor was sold by Barlows. Gillette, Syspro, Trilogy, Hoskens Consolidated, Reach & Teach, Animal Anti-Cruelty League, various projects in travel and tourism, Lyceum College, Success College and e-Degree. And many others.

Clients with Franchise Networks developed by Scharrer Advertising

  • Fontana Chicken Roasteries (24 outlets) From shortly after launch
  • Mayford Seeds (160 outlets) From 100 outlets
  • Exel Petroleum (120 petrol stations) From 20 outlets
  • SAA City Centre (120 travel agencies) From initial launch and brand development

Multimedia/Telecoms/ITC Advertising Successes

  • DoC (Communication Strategies and Tendered projects)
  • Telkor Telephone Corporation
  • Accton Technologies (Taiwan)
  • Maven Technologies
  • McCarthy On-Line
  • MegaShopper
  • Reutech (Reunert Technologies)
  • LAN Design & Technologies
  • Sentech Limited
  • Syspro

Banks and FMCG

The directors and staff of Scharrer Advertising have many success stories in Banks and FMCG, especially confectionery and snack food. Jos Scharrer worked on Willards Chips for 5 years, and was the Creative Director who launched Willards Crinkle Cut and Big Korn Bites. She was also responsible for the confectionery lines of Chapelet Humphries (bought by Cadbury┬╣s). These included a string of brands sold in the Black Market:

  • Chappies Bubblegum
  • D'Orsay Ice mints
  • Sweetie Pie
  • Frutus
  • And others

Our work in banks and and finance include:

  • FNB Home Loans
  • First Card
  • And Others